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Love Cake does Wessanen


We could not wait to get to grips with the incredible products provided by Wessanen and come up with a yummy menu that could enjoyed in the beautiful surroundings, by firelight on huge communal tables under a tipi. What could be better? To begin with, the team at Love Cake Catering created beautiful canapés of Chicken liver and brandy pate with caramelised red onion marmalade, Chesil smokery smoked Salmon and horseradish cream, Beetroot, walnut and cumin hummus and finally Caramelised Goats Cheese with chilli jam.

This was followed up with a Hearty Kimmeridge Beef and Corfe Castle ale stew served with rustic sourdough from Leakers Bakery in Bridport. For the Vegiatrians we created an amazing Chickpea, rainbow chard and cumin Tagine. And then it was onto the show-stopping puddings of Chocolate brownie with a peanut butter cheesecake topping and a peanut shard or a salted caramel topping.

We were really pleased to also have the opportunity to dress the tipi's for Wessanan and create a beautiful rustic scene using enamel crockery, hessian runners, jam jars for drinking, tree stumps laden with candles and wooden cutlery for eating. The day felt like it was really about getting back to nature and the food and surroundings reflected the earthy ideals that are so associated with Wessanen.

Infusing local honey

Pine Trees

We have a sweet tooth here at Love Cake (who’d have thought?) and so we decided to let some local honey meet some local Scots Pine and morph to make a pretty wild infusion. 

Here’s how we did it:

Find your foragable treat (we used Scots Pine needles* alongside a cinnamon stick).Gather quantities that will fill ⅕ per cup or jar of honey and make sure your natural addition is dried out before use too (you can do this naturally or in the oven). Then its tie to Sterilise your jar/s. Pop your dried herb, pine needles or other into the bottom of the jar, covering with honey and screw on the lid, leaving for a week or so (you can leave the needles, herbs or other in the jar for an extra week for a stronger infusion but ten days was just about right for us). Make sure you turn over the jar every so often if the needles or herbs have risen to the top. Transfer your infused honey into a clean sterilised jar, straining the bits and bobs out as you do…
...and that’s all there is to it! See, easy peasy.
Some yummy uses include pouring your honey infusion over some Purbeck ice-cream, adding a teaspoon to one of our Guilded Tea-pot black teas, or as a variation on a honey cake.

*You could use lavender, mint leaves, citrus fruit rinds too- ergo anything that smells good 

Doris gets a make over...

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When the sun comes out, we all want to make sure we are looking our best, and here at Love Cake its just the same. With a full spring and summer of catering and events already booked up, we think its only fair that our beautiful vintage ice cream van, Doris, gets similar treatment.

She is currently in the midst of a big make over - which will hopefully ensure she looks even better and ready for the busy summer ahead. The team here at Love Cake Catering will keep you updated on her progress before her big unveiling in May. We can't wait to show you how good she'll look!!

First wild garlic of the year

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Our first Wild Garlic forage of the year has proved fruitful! We couldn't wait any longer to head into the Purbeck hills and pick the abundant wild garlic which litters the countryside.

Once back at Love Cake Catering HQ we set about adding the wild garlic to two special lunchtime quiches of tomato and costal cheddar and salmon and leek. These were then delivered alongside our seasonal salads and yummy puds of Purbeck honey chocolate tart and fresh winter berry pavlova to our friends down at Burnbake ropes course. From picking to eating all within 4 hours - we love Purbeck food!! What do you do with your wild garlic?

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